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"The first experience I had with Education Helper was an article about taking a gap year. Up to this point, I hadn't really been thinking too hard about my future after high school, and the article introduced me to some alternative options for post high school planning. I later used the resources available to track admissions chances of my college list as well as comparing financial aid once I got some acceptances. All of the other email articles I received were also useful, especially in how they helped me to think for myself about my own situation and decide what I really wanted. There are certainly other features I didn't make use of very much that may be helpful, but those were the ones that stood out to me the most as great tools."

Carol Miller John – Georgia Tech – Class of 2024

"Education Helper is a wonderful tool for upcoming seniors (and other high school students) who are on the road towards higher education. Consisting of easy-to-understand informational guides and email newsletters that can make even the most confused applicant be enlightened, Education Helper lives up to its name of being “your online college advisor.” Education Helper also has various useful applications, like admissions tracker, EFC calculator, and scholarship finder to make financial aid and "the money factor" much easier to analyze and compare. The organization provided me with the resources to make the journey a much organized one. Thank you."

Jonathan Lawson Stanley - Vanderbilt University – Class of 2024


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